Special Session of Alabama

The mission of Special Session is to know Christ in all people, through ministry to and with people of all abilities. Our vision is a vibrant, loving community where all God’s children are celebrated.

Special session started in 1998 and will be celebrating 25 years of love this summer!

Why should you be a camper at Special Session?

"Special Session is a community where people can be seen for who they are, without their disabilities being first in full view. It is a place where individuals, disabled or not, can discover who we are on the inside. It is a place of formation for the campers and for the staff (both teenagers and adults alike), it is a place of unconditional love, and not only acceptance but affirmation. While we do offer typical camp programs during our sessions, like swimming, arts/crafts, canoeing, fishing, etc, we are so much more than that. The Special Session community is a family. We love and support each other while we are at camp, and after we leave." - Previous Special Session Camper


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This four-week fellowship is an opportunity for learning and living experiences of Christian community in an Episcopal summer camp context.

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Staff: June 9th-16th

Campers: June 11th-16th

Registration will open January 1st, 2023! Register through our new registration system: or CLICK HERE

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Call: 205-387-1806 extension 102